At Wooten Vision Care we take pride in ensuring our patients that our exams do
not simply address any evident vision correction needs, but take a comprehensive
approach to your visit.  A complete eye examination at Wooten Vision Care
includes the following:

History Past and current eye problems, systemic diseases - especially important for diabetes
and high blood pressure, medications, allergies, family history, and visual demands of jobs or

Visual Acuity Eye charts are used to measure distance and near; for kids, picture charts are
used; knowledge of the alphabet is not required.

Eye Co-ordination These test how well your eyes track moving targets and focus together.

Refraction A phoropter, an instrument with dial-in lenses for all prescriptions, lets the doctor
pinpoint & fine tune the focusing power needed to correct your vision. For young children
eyedrops are sometimes required to obtain a more accurate prescription. To improve
precision and accuracy, our physicians also use an autorefractor which gives added
information about your prescription and is especially important for assessing children. A sight
test involves only this component alone and may only take as little as 5 minutes.

Eye Health A slit lamp, basically a large, table-mounted microscope, plays light across the
eye, allowing the doctor to check the lids, cornea, iris, and lens for conditions such as eye
infection, iritis and cataracts. A yellow dye is applied to the eye to investigate dry eye, infection
or surface irritation. This instrument is also essential in assessing the effects and fitting of
contact lenses on the eye. In conjunction with the slit lamp, there are also  instruments to
remove foreign material like grinded metal out of the cornea. An ophthalmoscope, a lighted
magnifier, is used to see the back of the eye - the retina and optic nerve. The standard of care
dictates that patients at higher risk for serious eye disease require dilating drops to get a wider,
stereoscopic view. This includes diabetics, patients over 50, significantly nearsighted patients,
and patients experiencing recent flashes and floaters. For these patients a biomicroscope, like a
miner's hat, is used to get a better view of the retina.

Intraocular Pressure An important test for glaucoma using either an air-puff instrument, or
sensitive probe which gently presses against the eyeball under local anesthetic. Dr. Workman is
equipped with both.

Our physicians take time to explains these components of the eye exam as they go along, and
counsel patients on their vision condition and the best possible solution to maximize vision and
eye health. Always remember that when it comes to your vision, Wooten Vision Care has the
experience and the knowledge to serve your needs.

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