Wooten Vision Care stands firm to our mission to care not only for our
patients vision, but for our patients.  At Wooten Vision Care quality and
caring eye care can be affordable.  Regardless of if your vision needs are a
simple eye exam to complex surgery, we are here to address your concerns,
answer your questions, and meet all of your family's eyecare needs.  The
services provide at Wooten Vision Care include the following:
Glaucoma Evaluation and Treatment  - Glaucoma is a serious disease of
the optic nerve, the part of the eye that carries images we see to the brain.  
As this disease progresses the damage to the optic nerve fibers result in the
development of blind spots and could eventually lead to blindness.  At
Wooten Vision Care we will explore your options with you including
medication and surgery to determine what option best fits you and your
Cataract Evaluation and Surgery  - Cataracts can be a definite hindrance
on your life.  At Wooten Vision Care you have the power to decide the impact
that the cataracts are having in your life.  With surgical intervention available
to help correct the problems associated with cataracts, poor vision can be
corrected.  Using the latest techniques in microsurgery and technology
restoring eyesight to cataract patients is now easier and more successfully
than ever.
Retinal Evaluation and Treatment  - The retina is a nerve layer at the back
of your eye that senses light and sends images to your brain.  There are
many conditions that can seriously affect this nerve and negatively affect
your vision.  With early detection, however, you can work to preserve your
vision.  Diabetics are especially at risk for retinal disorders and can be
evaluated regularly at Wooten Vision Care to monitor any retinal changes.
Eye Disease and Injury - Protecting your vision is our priority, so here at
Wooten Vision Care we provide effective ways to evaluate and manage
medical diseases which affect your eyes including those previously
mentioned as well as ocular infections and macular degeneration.  Eye injury
including chemical burns or irritants are seen on a priority basis
Wooten's Optical - Protecting  At Wooten Vision Care we seek to meet our
patients needs with a full service optical on premise.  The variety available
allows for you to find your perfect fit regardless of your style or budget
needs. Our certified opticians will assist you in choosing the most complete
vision plan for your prescription.  If our opticians don't wow you then our
prices will as we have one of the most competitively priced selections in
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Wooten Vision Care
Complete Eye Exams - Your vision helps to define how you connect with the
world.  Regular eye exams are essential in protecting this sense.  During a
visit at Wooten Vision Care your eyes are fully dilated and examined for any
problems as well as any vision correction which should be considered.
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