With so many contact lenses available today, it is difficult to choose they type
which suits your needs best.  Having information about your options is the first
step in making your contact lens decision.

Technology today allows most people the option to successfully wear contact
lenses.  However, not all options may be right for you.  Working with our staff at
Wooten's Vision Care we can help you find what you can wear considering your
general health, eye health, vision and occupational needs and lifestyle.  The
following steps are a good way to examine you needs and the various options.
Step 1: Look at the types of lenses
Soft and hard lenses meet the needs of different people
Soft Lenses

  • Made of flexible water absorbing plastics
  • Oxygen can penetrate to provide nourishment to the eye
  • Easy Adaptation
  • Comfortable to wear almost from the start
  • Ability to switch from contacts to glasses without experiencing blurred
  • A close fit
  • Less likely to dislodge
  • May not provide the sharp vision other lens types do
  • Have to be replaced periodically
Rigid gas permeable lenses

  • Made of rigid plastics
  • Offer sharp, crisp vision
  • Ability to switch from contacts to glasses without experiencing blurred
  • Correction for most vision problems
  • Longer adaptation period
  • Must wear consistently to maintain adaptation
  • Can be dislodged during active sports participation
Hard Lenses

  • Made of tough inflexible plastic
  • Does not permit oxygen to pass through them
  • Proper fit allows oxygen to go around and under the lens
  • Offers sharp vision
  • Has the greatest versatility in correcting vision problems
  • Most durable
  • Require longest adaption period
  • May cause temporary blurred vision when switching to glasses
  • Can slip out of eyes
  • Can create corneal abrasions if worn too long
Step 2: Reviewing personal factors
Here are some important questions to ask when choosing your
  • What are your vision problems?
  • How strong our weak is your prescription?
  • Are you athletic?
  • Do you need the sharpest vision possible?
  • Are you impatient?
  • How important is the replacement cost to you?
  • Are you fashion oriented?
Step 2: Meet with an eye care professional
Being informed allows you the best accessibility to all of your
options, however, it is best to consult with a professional when
making these decisions.  At Wooten Vision Care we will makes
sure you have the lens that is healthiest for your eyes and
provides the best vision.   Our exam for contact lenses covers
a thorough diagnostic examination, a trial pair of lenses, a lens
care kit, training on proper lens wearing and care procedures
and unlimited scheduled follow up visits.
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