Finding the right lens for you and your lifestyle is not as simple as it seems.  
Advances in technology have produced various materials and treatments that have
improved the clarity of your corrected lenses.  Wooten Vision Care offers four types
of lenses and three types of materials to fit your needs and lifestyle.  Please be sure
to discuss your lifestyle with our doctors or opticians as they can provide important
information in making the correct combination of lens and material.
Types of lens

Single Vision

Line Bifocal

ine Trifocal


Same vision correction over whole lens area

This lens has two distinct focal ranges and
allows you to see i the distance and near.  One
line separates the two focal ranges

This lens has three distinct focal ranges and
allows you to see in the distance, intermediate
and near.  Two lines separate the three focal

This lens is truly an all-focal range lens.  The
lens is the highest technologically advanced
lens available offering the nearest to natural
vision as any multi-focal lens.
Types of material:

Plastic (CR-39)


High Index Plastic

This is the basic lens material which offers good value for
lower prescriptions

This material produces the strongest, lightest lenses
available. As the most impact-resistant lenses its inherent
properties make it 10 times stronger, 20% thinner, and
30% lighter than the basic lens.

These thin and light lenses significantly improve the
appearance of your glasses, especially if you have a high
prescription.  Because they are 40% thinner and lighter
than standard lenses they improve the appearance and
make your glasses more comfortable to wear.

Ultra-Violet (UV)

Scratch Resistant



This is a highly recommended coating because it protects
your eyes from the harmful effects of the suns ultraviolet

Protects your lenses against the rigors of everyday life. A
clearer lens means clearer vision. This coating will extend
the life of your lens.

Eliminates glare and offers clearer sharper vision at night
and during the day.  The result is a more visible eye and
an improved appearance.

A full or graduated tint can transform your glasses.
Available in shades of brown, grey, green, blue, pink and
yellow and combined custom colors to allow you to create
your own unique look.  Additionally tints can relieve eye
strain, enhance your eye color and complexion, and soften
harsh, bright light.

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